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How to Honeymoon Forever

In Aruba you had an amazing two weeks of focusing on your new wife or Husband, but now your home and the Honeymoon is ov…. Stop right there; Don’t say it; Don’t even think it. Who told you the honeymoon had to end?

Brian Jakowski Writes

Copy Writer -Editor

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Brian a Freelance copy Writer and Editor. I specialize in writing powerful, compelling copy that's always on time in the Lifestyle and Food topics.


What I Offer

Throughout my freelance career, I’ve learned that establishing the right fit between my skill set and the project is essential to success. Take a look below to learn more about my key areas of expertise, and gain an understanding of what I can do for your next project. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Blog Post

Matching your voice and brand.

I write engaging and informative Blog post on Lifestyle and Food topics, bringing results while matching your brand and tone. Not your niche? I´m an avid researcher and love to grow my knowledge base. Either way let´s talk soon and let me lighten your work load.
Pricing begins at 10 cents per word and is based on length and complexity of the project

Magazines pile

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Outstanding Quality

Quality is the driving force behind my editing. Years of writing, teaching English and translation services has given the right skill set of a top notch editor and proofreader. An innate ability to improve the flow of text and maintain the authors original intent provides a high degree of client satisfaction.
Pricing for editing work begins at .05 cents per word.

Hipster Briefcase

Content Creation

Truly Top-Notch

Build your brand and establish its voice with remarkable site content Written to engage readers and drive growth.

Modern Desk

White Papers & E Books

Only the Best

No rehashed repititous copy here! I´ll craft you extensively researched,well designed and engaging White Papers and E books  that people can read without sleeping and don´t repeat the same concept a hundred ways.

Pricing based on project length and complexity.

Magazines pile

Let’s Chat

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